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Advanced reports and Windows 10
Advanced reports will only work with Internet Explorer, on a windows 10 machine.
At feedback screen, why does time-out compliance percentage not match the graph?

It is indeed possible the graph does not match with the percentage mentioned. This a known error and we are working on it to solve it in a newer version of CtrlWORK.

CtrlWORK analyses my working pattern for a whole day without giving me feedback.

CtrlWORK will first analyze one week before it provides feedback to the user. After this accurate analysis CtrlWORK will show feedback on your working pattern.



Does CtrlWORK support SSL / HTTPS.
From version 3.0.3 and higher SSL / HTTPS is support.
Does my license key also work with a newer version of CtrlWORK?

Yes, your license key also works after an update of CtrlWORK to a newer version.

How can I change the specific kind of instructions?

Go to tab 'Display' in the CtrlWORK menu and turn on the desired options. CtrlWORK will show messages from the selected categories at random.

How can I delete users that should not be in the database?

In the Users tab of the Administration website, click on the user to select this line. Then click “Delete user” and "Yes" to confirm.

How can I implement a new licence into CtrlWORK? The current license has expired

You can use the new licence key after receiving it from your account manager from CtrlWORK. Follow the user manual "Replace License" on this page.


How does the Active Directory synchronization work

CtrlWORK provides the option to synchronize User information from Active Directory with the CtrlWORK Database.

How does it work:
CtrlWORK SystemManagementService will contact the Active directory when the option is enabled in the web.config of the SystemManagementService.

For every user in the CtrlWORK Database there will be a call to the active directory for the following information about the user
1. First name
2. Last name
3. E-mail address
4. Company
5. Department
6. Department manager
7. Department Manager Email address

The information will be added to the user in CtrlWORK database. The synchronization to the Active directory will take place at two moments. The first time a user connects to the CtrlWORK server or at the preset time.

How is the data send to the server protected?
Usernames are encrypted before they are send to the server using a FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption method. If you want to secure all data in transit we recommend setting up ssl / https.
How long is a trial period?
The trial period is valid for 30 days. The trial period starts when CtrlWORK is first started. To see when the trial period ends, use the tab help and click on the button license. This will show the end date of the license.
I work 8 hours per day. Why is the computertime recorded by CtrlWORK much lower?

Computertime is not the same as the time the computer is running (calendar time). Computer time actually depends on the active use of keyboard and mouse. If you stop using your keyboard and mouse for a minimum of 30 seconds, only then computer time registration will be stopped. The result on daily basis is that the recorded computer time is lower than actual 8 hours of the calendar.

Note that CtrlWORK shows the average value for the past 7 days, so the average will be lower than the worked time.

Is CtrlWORK Reports compatible with IE11?

CtrlWORK Reports is compatitable with IE11. Active scripting has to be enabled (mostly this is standard disabled) 

Doesn't Reports work with IE11, please try to use another browser. If this don't help, please contact the helpdesk. 

Is it possible to use CtrlWORK on iOS / Apple devices?

No, so far it is not possible to run CtrlWORK on iOS / Apple.

What can I do when I (almost) do not receive any notifications on my screen? (while all options are turned on)

Open the CtrlWORK menu, go to the tab Profile and select Recovery. In this profile you will get frequent prompts. If this does not work and your version is lower than 2.10, then update your CtrlWORK version to version 2.10 or a newer version.

To check the current version go to the Help tab of the CtrlWORK menu and click on the Version button.

Please contact your IT department before updating CtrlWORK. You need installation rights on your pc to perform this action. 

What do the settings in the settings.xml do


Where is the data from CtrlWORK stored and how is it secured?
The data collected by CtrlWORK is stored in the roaming user profile. This folder can be changed. All data is that is stored is encrypted using a FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption method.

CtrlWORK will function on a FIPS 140-2 compliant system. More information on FIPS 140-2 en Windows can be found here.
Why do I get a general error message?

The error message could be a result of the user folder being corrupted. This can be solved by following the next steps, but note that by removing this, you will start with a clean profile of CtrlWORK without any personal history. If you don't want this you better don't remove the folder and contact the helpdesk.

1. Open Windows File Explorer
2. In the address bar type %appdata% and hit
3. If this worked you will see a folder named CtrlWORK. You can now remove the entire folder.


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